What a Combo!

This bitch here is proud and dumb– winning combo.     This bitch is nasty. WHY are these women proud to be fucking a man that’s married?? And then this nasty pig has the nerve to talk about the woman’s child!  Let me give all these side bitches some truth– NEWSFLASH!!! If these men wanted to … Continue reading

Just stop. Seriously. 

Small rant here. Part of my job is to greet people when they come in and tell them something along the lines of “bye, have a good day/night” when they leave. I’m being nice, like I’m suppose to be.  So, for the women who look at me all cocky and bug-eyed because I say “have … Continue reading

I feel Blessed, I feel Free

   I’ve definitely had my trying times, in childhood and as an adult, but when all is said and done, I’m blessed. And being so blessed makes me feel free. I’ve lost my mother, my brother and two aunts.. But through my husband, I have had the most wonderful “mom and dad” that anyone could … Continue reading

Sweet Memories

Pigtails and popsicles, warm sunny days… Hooking worms and catching sunnies, tom-boyish ways… Bubble gum bike, pink banana seat… Gorilla scooter, “Don’t step on my face!” Skinny dippin by moonlight, parties in the woods… First kiss, crushes than love…  Sweet memories are good…   

My “Baby Daddy” ain’t shit! 

Bitch, neither are you.  First, let me say, I HATE the term “baby daddy” or “baby mama”. I can’t express why, it just bugs the hell out of me.  Second, bitch, you ain’t shit either! I’ve seen women complaining about the father of their child/children lately and it’s completely hypocritical. Don’t sit there and talk … Continue reading

Karma Cafe

Karma, sweet karma.. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.. haha Helping karma is grand. I mean really.. it’s always been a passion of mine. Maybe that’s the scorpio in me, the bitch inside loves to see others get what they deserve. Especially when they’ve wronged me. Will karma come back around … Continue reading

Confirmation Won’t Change A Thing!

I don’t get some chicks. You knowingly have an affair with a man who is married. Get pregnant and say it’s his. This man denies you and your child. Being the brilliant whore you are, you get knocked up AGAIN and say this second child is his too. What?! Lol Years go by with this … Continue reading

Sweet Seduction ~

Sweet Seduction Author: Stephanie Lay down beside me, The moon shines in our eyes. Words so sweet, we gently speak, Your hands caress my thighs. Heightened senses fill the air, Our eyes locked by the light. I touch your nose, trace your lips, You bring me sheer delight. Sparkling stars shine down on us, Our … Continue reading

Waves of Desire – Shirley Maya

Waves of Desire – Shirley Maya Into the Black Forest So luscious and deep You tormented me So tenderly Tasting me With your probing tongue Awakening every orifice Of my desire Making my body ache To breathe your breath Your succulent mouth Leaves me breathless As our passions soar higher You plunged your hardness Into … Continue reading